Child Care Center Recruiting and Social Media

Child Care Center Recruiting and Social Media

by Lacey West

Hiring child care staff such as Supervisors, Teachers or Assistants for your center is an important process and can take a significant amount of resources. Because it is so imperative to hire the right fit many employers now turn to social media when making their hiring decisions.

The most common social media/public sites used are:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Social media can be a valuable resource. If your center is referencing these sites it is important to avoid discrimination and remain objective. Look for things that raise legitimate concerns in reference to the candidate’s job responsibilities. Reference social media at the end of the hiring process, not as a main evaluation step and always consider the validity if negative information is obtained.

About the Author
Lacey West
Lacey has been working with child care centres to find qualified staff for over 2 years. She understands that Early Childhood Learning is an essential foundation for children and she is a mother of 2 young children herself. Her passion to support educators and childcare centres is obvious in her customer service and account management role.