Reduce Safety Concerns at Your Childcare Centre!

October 15, 2014

In a child care center there are often unavoidable hazards that happen throughout the day, like a wet floor or astray toys. Here are some tips to help avoid safety concerns:

Post signs: - For any visible warnings for hazards and wet floors - To promote proper and frequent hand washing

Allergie Awareness: - If allergies are present for a child or staff member communicate the information to parents and other staff members - Implement “Nut Free” or “Scent Free” policies if needed

Take ProActive Measures: - Ensure stairways, walkways, ramps & passageway are kept free of toys or other tripping hazards throughout the day - Complete toy sanitation of any mouthed toys - Ensure hazardous substances or objects such as hot surfaces are inaccessible to children - Maintain tables, chairs and play structures. - Consider making a safety checklist for your staff - Review your provinces child care facility safety guidelines

First Aid Procedures: - Keep a record of any injury that affects any staff or child, and take measures to prevent a recurrence - A First Aid kit needs to be accessible whenever children are in care, including field trips. - Supervisors should develop, maintain and post or make available, first aid/emergency procedures/violence policies and update them yearly/ as needed.

Child Care Facility Daily Checklist Example: