4 Tips to Keep Educators Engaged This Summer!

May 26, 2016
  1. Have Fun
    Offer staff fun summer related activities like “Frozen Fridays” with frozen treats, Beach theme days, of fun centre outings if possible.
  2. Host Training/Edcamps
    Whether your center is open or is closed for the summer months, educators will benefit from extra training or an Educamp where they share ideas and best practices. Employees who are constantly building up their skills and knowledge will be more engaged.
  3. Schedule Team Events
    Barbeques or potlucks are a great way to involve staff and their families in the summer!
  4. Utilize Social Media
    Facebook and Pinterest are two of the most popular ways for educators to share their ideas. Invite staff to share instructional tips, art projects, share photos or posts of summer activities on your centres page as well.