Dealing with Difficult Staff Behaviors

November 13, 2014

As Child Care Providers you may encounter challenging behaviors, but what should you do when difficult behaviors are present in a staff member?

1. Don’t ignore the problem.

Meaningful confrontation may not be easy, but is often necessary. The staff member may have no idea that their behavior is problematic. It is important to provide constructive feedback. It often helps to “Sandwich” the feedback with two positive behaviours they also display.

2. Help the staff member to get back on track.

Set up boundaries and coach the staff member to display more acceptable and appropriate behaviors.

3. Develop effective work relationships and promote a team environment.

Effective relationships create success and satisfaction on the job. Organize team building exercises to develop positive co-worker relationships. Have staff participate in a “Four Color Personality Test”. Talk about each type of personality to help them understand each other, and communicate effectively.