Hiring The Right Fit

January 7, 2016

It’s that time of year again. January is one of the busiest times for jobseekers looking for employment. So here are a few tips sure to be helpful in finding the right fit for your centre!

Be specific: Have a clear outline of the job description and centre’s expectations in the job posting and while interviewing.

Hire to your centre’s ‘culture’: Consider whether the candidate’s personality will fit with the personality of your centre and with the personalities of the other educators.

Consider a candidate’s potential: If a new graduate is applying for a position and you prefer someone with more experience, it may be worthwhile to meet him or her and consider the new educator’s potential.

Ask the right questions: Incorporate questions that will help determine the candidate’s personality and thought process. Ask about what makes him or her want to work in Early Childhood Education.

Looking for Specific Interview Questions?