Planning a Halloween That's Safe and Fun for Everyone!

October 13, 2015

Halloween is an exciting event for children however it can also come with frightening tricks and unsafe treats. You can ensure fun is had by all by planning and sharing your centres guidelines and preferences with the centre staff and parents.

Costume Tips:

  • You may want to communicate that accessories/weapons like swords or pirate knives are not permitted. Also consider that capes and dress up shoes can be hazardous. Suggest a change of clothes be available for children, as costumes are often not comfortable to wear for a full day.
  • Staff should avoid wearing spooky costumes or masks that could be frightening.

Decoration Considerations:

  • Consider your centres age group when decorating and avoid overly scary decorations.

Treat Suggestions:

  • Allow appropriate treats for your classrooms Halloween events. Keep in mind to avoid hard and small candies that could post a choking hazard. A reminder to parents may be needed to point to this, as well as avoid any treats/snacks that contain nuts.

Planning Your centre Activities:

  • Plan for Halloween stories and songs that play to the fun sprit of Halloween and avoid spooky stories.
  • As you know children will often be excitable on the days leading up to a party or event like Halloween day. Plan some extra activities to help keep them busy.