What You May Not Know About Social Media

What You May Not Know About Social Media

by Lacey West

There are various forms of social media, and all of them are at your staff’s fingertips on any cell phone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are commonly used to share updates, opinions and photos.

All child care centres should have a policy for picture or video sharing, and it is more important than ever to ensure staff are aware and implementing these policies. Not only for the safety of the children in your care, but also for the integrity of your centre.

Parents look to social media when researching child care centres and anything posted regarding the centre or an employee could be easily available. Address professionalism while using social media and encourage staff to avoid posting about the centre or activities unless approved. “

About the Author
Lacey West
Lacey has been working with child care centres to find qualified staff for over 2 years. She understands that Early Childhood Learning is an essential foundation for children and she is a mother of 2 young children herself. Her passion to support educators and childcare centres is obvious in her customer service and account management role.