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Wychwood Tigers Daycare is looking to connect with ECEs and Assistants to offer various job opportunities
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Early Childhood Educator Job in Toronto, Ontario

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We are looking for qualified ECEs and Assistants who are dedicated, flexible, and able to join our team of dedicated teachers at Wychwood Tigers Daycare. We are currently looking to hire 1 ECE or Assistant to fill a full-time Preschool teaching position. The candidate must have a minimum of 2 years experience working in the field. Experience working with children with special needs is considered an asset. We are also hiring for supply positions in all programs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOB SUMMARY Registered Early Childhood Educators under the direction of the Supervisor and Centre Director works closely with all employees in the organization to plan and develop age-appropriate programs to enhance the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development according to Wychwood Tigers Daycare program statement and philosophy and the Child Care Early Years Act, using Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT), and How Does Learning Happen?, Quality First and Toronto Public Health Guidelines. Registered Early Childhood Educators are expected to develop and maintain professional relationships with families. POSITION SUMMARY • Along with other staff, under the supervision of the Supervisor and Centre Director, plans and implements developmentally appropriate curriculum which includes activities, and experiences for children between the ages of 2 and a half to 12 years of age, focusing on the age range of children in the room you are positioned in. • Provides a physically safe and emotionally supportive environment showing sensitivity to the individuals needs of children in all aspects of development. • Observes children for daily overall health and ongoing observations for signs of potential learning or behavioural concerns and prepares written documentation for the Centre Director/Supervisor, parents, and/or outside agency. • Engages each child individually each day, and makes every effort to greet every parent/guardian/caregiver. • Demonstrates knowledge of the Emergent Curriculum through How Learning Happen? and the ELECT documents and can use the tools to set up the classroom, materials, interactions so that they meet or exceed in all categories. • Assesses the abilities, interests, and needs of children and discuss progress or concerns with other staff members and clients. • Promotes positive interactions and behaviour guidance and direction with the ongoing supervision of the classroom, playground, group, individual and routine activities. • Engages and works collaboratively as a team member in caring for the children and the overall operation of the program; maintains regular and open communication with peers and all other co-workers. • Able to implement the four foundations of “How Does Learning Happen?” through observations, reflections, documentations, and curriculum planning. • Engages each child individually each day, and makes every effort to greet every parent, guardian and caregiver. • Performs administrative functions as required. • May be required to be one of two staff on duty until the last child is pick up from the centre. • Experience in the use of computer technology. • Maintains positive relationships with colleagues, children and families, school personnel, Board of Directors, government and community members. • Wychwood Tigers Daycare is open during the hours of 7:30 – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. While every attempt is made for staff to have regular schedules and programs, the nature of the job requires staff to be flexible about shifts and program assignments. Summer, March Break, winter holidays, PA days etc., will affect staff schedules and job responsibilities. SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The job duties and responsibilities for the Early Childhood Educator shall include but are not limited to the following and any other duties assigned by the Centre Director/Supervisor. Program: • Responsible for planning and implementing appropriate activities that follow the children’s interests. • Respond with sensitivity to the needs of individual children and their families, respecting diversities in age, sex, developmental level, religion, sexual orientation, and cultural background. • Read the communication book before starting shift and read and update the room communication book daily. • Work as a team member; serve as a role model. • Plan and implement the activities that follow the children’s interests. This program: a) Shall be in accordance with the Centre’s philosophy and policies as well as all applicable legislation and regulations e.g. Toronto Public Health, Child Care and Early Years Act and AQI; b) Shall be based on the principles of “How Does Learning Happen?”; c) Shall contain a variety and balance of activities to enhance the children’s development in the following areas: cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, creative, science, sensory, social and emotional; d) Shall be appropriate to the age, developmental level, and interests of the children; e) Shall provide for emergent curriculum experiences to build on children’s immediate interests; f) Shall consist of individual, small and large group activities, activity centres, outdoor experiences and field trips; g) Shall create a positive social environment which promotes sharing, cooperation, problem solving, respect for others and self-help skills; h) Shall consist of activities to enhance development in all areas, facilitated by a variety of teaching techniques, materials and spaces. Staff are responsible for obtaining all supplies for planned activities ahead of time i) Shall create a positive atmosphere through fair, progressive and consistent expectations;Shall provide opportunities for child-directed play experiences that are Bias Free, promote a child’s understanding of their own and other’s cultures and value systems. • Design, arrange and maintain a safe, orderly, appealing, and developmentally appropriate program space, including 5 distinct program areas in the room. Ensuring that materials and room set up are done prior to children entering the room (before & after school) or activities commencing (full day program). • Ensure children are dressed appropriately for indoor and outdoor activities. • Conduct daily health check of children; record illness and inform Supervisor; contact parents as necessary. • Monitor lunch and snack-time activities encouraging children to eat their lunch. Report any appetite changes to parents and Supervisor. Mentor and monitor healthy eating and report concerns to families and Supervisor. • Administer first aid and medication as per policy. • Read, understand, and abide by all policies of Wychwood Tigers Daycare, including emergency, fire, serious occurrence, prohibited practices and child abuse procedures. • Regularly communicate any issues of mutual concern, both verbally and in written form, with parents, school staff, centre staff and outside resources. • Observe and record relevant information on each child’s progress as required as per the Centre’s policies and practices • Be ready for work in the classroom by the start of your shift, having your personal belongings put away, and in the room/playground ready to work. This includes dressing and/or preparing for the scheduled activity and the weather. • Handle petty cash, purchasing supplies as needed. • Participate in maintaining accurate and complete records and other administrative tasks. • Observe and assess children’s progress and behaviour to ensure programs meet identified individual and group needs. Meet with Supervisor/Centre Director to discuss recommendation of referral to outside agencies for special needs. Complete developmental profiles/observations. • Discuss children’s progress/behaviour/health with parents/school staff as necessary. • Regularly evaluate the program to ensure it meets the needs of individual children and the needs of the group; set goals and meet licensing criteria; Quality First checklist, and public health guidelines. • When you are unable to report to work, follow the Employee Handbook “Calling In Sick” protocol. • Remain on duty until your shift is over even if the last child is picked up prior to the end of your shift, unless otherwise told by Supervisor/Centre Director. • Before leaving you must have completed all final documentation, classroom cleanup and any preparation required for the next day. • In the case of a late pickup, you cannot leave (unless given permission) until all children have been picked up from the program, even if your shift is over. Health and Safety: • Is responsible for ensuring that regular attendance checks are documented. • Know where each child in your care is at all times by doing regular attendance verification checks during indoor, outdoor, and at all transition times and field trips. • Stay on duty until shift is over or until last child is picked up (whichever is later). Two staff (one of whom must be an RECE) must stay on premise until the last child is picked up. • Assists to ensure the overall health and safety of children enrolled in the program by maintaining a sanitary and safe environment, i.e. sanitizing the toys and equipment and signing off. • Document fire and emergency drills once per month. Prepare children for the monthly fire and/or emergency drills. Debrief with your group/individual children afterwards as to what went well and what to improve for next time. • Remain current on the status of all children’s allergies and other special conditions, especially the children in your direct care. • Supervise meal times in a relaxed family atmosphere, sitting at the table with different groups of children on a daily basis. Ensure adequate nourishment and that any special dietary requirements are met. • Position yourself so that you can be aware of the big picture and keep an eye on activities. Staff should position themselves to maximize visibility and accessibility. • Ensure playground check is complete and recorded twice daily, twice yearly washing of outdoor equipment is also recorded. • Keep the surface areas and room tidy and sanitary, as per licensing requirements. • Release children ONLY to person’s authorized by the child’s custodial parent/guardian/caregiver. Families: • Develop and maintain professional relationships with families by providing ongoing support and resources • Establish and maintain professional communication with parents/caregivers by participating in a variety of formal and informal communication strategies (daily conversations, information sheets, report cards, surveys, developmental portfolios, classroom newsletters, etc.) However, these communications must not interfere with or compromise the attention of the children in your immediate care. If communication will last longer than a couple of minutes, ask to speak to that parent/guardian at another time or ask for coverage from the Supervisor. • Respond to parent/guardian requests regarding concerns within two business days, document all contact and discussions. • Accommodate the parent/guardian’s instructions for daily care routines whenever possible. • Participate in parent/teacher interviews, parent meetings, and social events in the centre. • Assist in facilitating referrals to outside agencies when required. • Maintain professional boundaries and constant awareness of the “client” relationship. Staff/Team Responsibilities: • Remain professional at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from gossiping about parents, children or other staff; limiting socializing when you are on duty; limiting personal phone calls; and respecting personal boundaries. • Actively participate in meetings (contribute to discussions, share learning experiences etc.) and events as required e.g. staff meetings, holiday shows, etc. • Adherence to the legislative regulations and duties set out for an Early Childhood Educator under the current Child Care and Early Years Act • Adherence to the Professional Responsibilities and Code of Conduct set out by the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators, including but not limited to the Conflict of Interest policy and Confidentiality Policy • Maintain RECE status by keeping membership in good standing with the College of ECEs. Proof of membership must be provided annually. • Participate in the annual evaluation process and set goals for the following year. This includes continuous learning goals from the College of ECEs. • Be actively involved in professional development by attending workshops & conferences and participating in in-house trainings. Complete minimum of 4 hours Professional Development annually. • Collaborate with colleagues, support and maintain a team approach by sharing expertise and practical knowledge in developing the program. • Maintain regular, effective, and open communication with team members, Centre Director and Supervisor, in a positive and professional manner. • Vacation requests and any other requests for a schedule change should be submitted to the Supervisor in writing. • Keep the Centre Director/Supervisor informed of any pertinent information i.e. personal information, allergies, address change, banking information including any requirements for accommodation. • Keep management informed of any work-related matters, including but not limited to: necessary supplies, teaching aids, equipment for the program. • Maintain a professional appearance at all times, assume responsibility for your own actions and behaviour at work. • Acts as lead staff when working with Early Childhood assistants (ECA), non ECA’s, and supply staff. Directs supply staff, volunteers and placement students. Responsible for the constant supervision, safety, and well-being in a classroom of students and volunteers. • Support training and evaluating of ECE and ECA students. Model and demonstrate appropriate teaching techniques. Assess, record, and discuss daily observations with students. Monitor placement students, progress and delegate responsibility for tasks in the classroom. Record Keeping: • Maintain up-to-date records for legislative and regulatory purposes • Record daily and monthly attendance • Record and report accidents, incidents and occurrences as required, get appropriate sign-offs in a timely manner • Record cleaning procedures • Record absence of ill health, as per Daily Health Check • Record medical procedures and the administration of medication as required by the Centre Director/Supervisor • Do a daily playground/yard check and record on required forms • Record facility maintenance and safety checks as required, i.e. weekly flushing • Participate in maintaining accurate and complete records for children i.e. updating emergency contact sheets, allergy lists etc. and giving information to the Centre Director/Supervisor • Complete a child’s daily log • Complete daily communication book EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS: • Registered Early Childhood Education Certificate and current registration with the College of Early Childhood Educators. • Current satisfactory Police Vulnerable Sector Check. PVSC to be completed every 5 years on work anniversary, sign a declaration form annually. • Valid Standard First Aid training and Level “C” CPR, renewed yearly with “refresher” course. • Health Assessment, T.B. test, up-to-date immunizations. • Signing off on all policies annually. • Working knowledge of “How Does Learning Happen?” ELECT, Quality First, Public Health Guidelines, AQI • Knowledge of the Occupation Health and Safety Act, AODA • Safe Food Handlers Certification preferred • Able to walk up 2 flights of stairs • Lift and/or move between 10 pounds up to 30 pounds. • Frequent combinations of sitting, climbing, standing, walking, balancing, bending, crouching, kneeling, and crawling. • Combination of indoor and outdoor environments. • Exposure to; high noise levels, bodily fluids, infectious illness/diseases, occasional inclement weather.


Work schedule:

Required experience

Ages include:
Preschool 4-6 years
Elementary School 7-11 years

Services needed

Assistant teacher
Supply teacher

Required qualifications

Background check
Required languages

Required training

Registered early childhood educator (RECE)
Early childhood assistants (ECA)

Job details

Location of care:
Daycare centre
Additional info:
References upon request


Required level of education is
Completion post secondary

Safety training

Willing to obtain first aid certification
Willing to obtain CPR certification

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