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Early Childhood Educator Job in Toronto, Ontario

1. Program Responsibilities To ensure a program that will promote the physical, social, emotional and intellectual well being of the children by following up the planning that is done in the age groups that you are assigned. As well as any other duties that are required and delegated by the Director. 2. Direct, Support, Observe and Evaluate student/staff learning by: Modeling at routine and transition times Communicating via the communication log in the binders Participating in staff evaluation Meet once a month for update on age groups Annual evaluations of the programs using a form of observation tools EKERS, Operating Criteria 3. Monitor and Document individual child progress by: Keeping track of when Individual Program Plans were last done Dividing this work evenly between staff 4. Establish a team approach to ensure program compatibility by: Collaborating with center supervisor to share expertise and practical knowledge and by participating in center and program development meetings. 5. Establish and Maintain positive liaison with parents by: Observing that information of childs daily progress is being done and in a positive manner. 6. Monitor and Maintain a safe environment by: Responsible for collaborating with staff regarding daily preparation of playroom and playground as well as organizing the cleaning of the center as necessary, following the procedures for sanitary practices. 7. Establish and Maintain public relations by: Acting as a resource person to College personnel and the community at large. Skill This position involves a wide range of duties and responsibilities that require planning in advance, on-going attention to maintain safety and well-being of the children, as well as refined communication and problem-solving skills. The complexity and diversity of this position is best illustrated by the following list of duties and responsibilities all of which may occur simultaneously or within any ten minute period. Supervising a childrens playroom, implementing a language activity with a small group of children, redirecting a childs inappropriate behavior, modeling these techniques for student teachers, observing and evaluating the students interactions with children, applying first aid treatment and notifying the parents of the injury depending on its severity. Judgment Situations in this position requiring decision-making are generally covered by standardized guidelines, policies and procedures. Decisions are made, however, on special problems or issues on a regular basis when some judgment would be required. Eg. The staff would be responsible for identifying a student teacher in difficulty, documenting and ascertaining areas of performance deficit based on outlined requirements, providing feedback to the student and developing strategies (based on appropriate teaching techniques) to enable the student to achieve success or reassess career goals. The staff would be responsible to inform the center supervisor, and/or the College faculty member of the situation and make recommendations for further action. Staff is responsible for determining the developmental level of each child in the program (based on knowledge of normal child development), and selecting and implementing the appropriate teaching strategies and techniques to enhance growth. In the case where development is delayed, the staff would be responsible for initiating action to begin the process of consultation with the family and other professionals, and then adapt the program to incorporate their recommendations. Motor Skills There are aspects of the position that require fine motor movement (delicate, intricate or precise) a) Report Writing - used for childrens developmental records, student teacher program plans, log books and evaluations. Legibility and some speed is required. b) Assisting children in completing tasks of daily living (eating, toileting, dressing and in using learning materials such as scissors, pencils, lego, etc.). Physical Demand This is a physically demanding position as it requires constant active movement from standing position to squatting or sitting on the floor or child sized chairs, as it is necessary to be at the childs level and then move quickly to other areas of the classroom as needed. Lifting and moving of furniture is also required to adapt the room set-up throughout the day. Physical strength is also required as there may be children up to 50 pounds who require lifting for diapering or other special needs. Sensory Demand A significant level of concentration and careful observation (visual and auditory) is required to maintain constant awareness of all areas of the environment to ensure the safety and well-being of the children. This is often made more difficult by the high noise level and variety of demands made on the staff while remaining ever-vigil. Strain from Work Pressures / Demands / Deadlines Job duties involve work pressures as a result of the constant demands made by the varied client groups (children, families and student teachers). The staff is regularly required to assess the ever-changing needs of the clients and adapt the program as necessary. Crisis and difficult situations occur daily (families in turmoil, childrens behavior issues and struggling student teachers) which require staff skill, sensitivity and discretion. Workload (to meet established deadlines) though predictable, requires prioritizing within a limited and mostly inflexible time frame. Independent Action Work is performed in accordance with established program routines, schedules and plans developed co-operatively in both formal and informal team meetings. Instructions would be given by the center supervisor on any changes to the established programs and routines. Operating legislation and guidelines for Ontario Child Care facilities are outlined in the Day Nurseries Act, a technical government document. Specific guidelines for dealing with particular situations are described in our own Policies and Procedures Manual. The staff is responsible on a regular basis to ensure appropriate actions and teaching strategies are used to maintain the safety and well-being of the children. Creativity is required daily to implement a stimulating educational experience for both children and student teachers. Occasional initiative would be required in response to unusual or difficult situations where immediate action is required. As the staff has direct responsibility for the well-being of children and influence on other internal and external clients, any neglect in carrying out the position duties could have repercussions ranging from severe injury or death of a child to loss of prestige and/or fee revenue. Written reports are usually submitted to the supervisor for review and returned to the staff with constructive comments. Errors in judgment, style of program delivery and specific interactions with client groups would only be detected if observed by others and reported or if noticeable repercussions as noted above resulted. Staff is required to work outside during the outdoor play period every day in all weather except extreme cold and rain storms. Staff will be exposed to childhood illness and disease that are prevalent in childcare centers. Staff will be exposed to unpleasant odors relating to childrens toileting routine and cleaning up when children are sick. Qualifications: Professional: - Early Childhood Education Diploma or a University Degree in Child Studies - Minimum 5 or more years experience in childcare after graduation - Experience in integrated settings - Current First Aid and C.P.R. Certificates - Police Record Check (current within 3 months) - Registered with the College of ECE Personal: - A positive and sensitive attitude towards children, their parents and other staff members. - Strong communication and leadership skills - Excellent organizational abilities - Ability to supervise other staff, including students on placement - All health requirements to be met in accordance with the Day Nurseries Act - Dress appropriate to convey the organizations professional image - Dedicated to professional development


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