Getting Started

Do you have an account approval process?
Yes, each listing/profile is checked by a member of our team before being activated. You will get an email notifying you if/when your listing has been approved.
What kind of jobs does Child Care Advantage support?
Child Care Advantage lists positions in a variety of child care organization ranging from day care centres and preschools to Montessori centres and day camps.
Does Child Care Advantage screen the candidates?
No the candidates are not screened.
How long will my job posting be active?
Job listings are active as long as you have an active subscription. Employers are notified of their subscription in 30 days increments.


How do employers and jobseekers contact each-other?
Child Care Advantage has an internal messaging system, a secure Telesafe system or you can choose to exchange your contact information.
Why can't I see people's email addresses and/or phone numbers?
To protect the privacy of our users, we never show personal information including emails, phone numbers and personal addresses. If you would like to connect with someone, we encourage users to send a message or place a call using Telesafe.
What is Telesafe and how do I use it?
To protect the privacy of our users, we use Telesafe to show a special Telesafe number in a listing in place of your own telephone number. You can share your personal information in messages if you are comfortable.
How do I know if I received a message?
You will receive an email notification. You also have the option to turn on text message notifications.
I’ve received an inappropriate or spammy message. What do I do?
If you receive a message that you feel is inappropriate, a mass solicitation, or is spam in general, please let us know by emailing [email protected] and we will take care of it.

Cost & Billing

How much does it cost use Child Care Advantage?
Child Care Advantage has no fee to look for a job. Our subscription costs to post a job listing are as low as $79.00.
What are the available payment methods?
At this time, We accept all major credit cards. You may also choose to be invoiced.
What happens if I choose invoice as my method of payment?
You will have access to Child Care Advantage, and will receive an e-mail invoice. The payment is due within 30 days.
Is there a separate or extra fee to be able to search the profile database for candidates?
No, the ability to search candidate profiles is included when you have a subscription.
Does my subscription automatically renew?
Yes, all subscriptions automatically renew themselves and you are able to cancel and/or modify your subscription at any time.

Account Support

How do I change my email address?
Our users cannot update the email in their profile for security and verification purposes. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know what your current email is and what you’d like it changed to.
What do I do if I have forgotten my login or password information?
Click on the "Forgot?" link from the login page and enter the email address you are registered with. If your email address is registered in the system, we’ll send you a link to reset your password. If you continue to have difficulties, or don’t receive the email, please email us at [email protected]
I have posted a job with Child Care Advantage. How do I find an employee?
Interested candidates will contact you or you can search for candidates in your area that meet your requirements and contact them.
I can’t find my city/town what should I do?
Find the closest area to you and increase the radius to cover your city/town (or as close as possible). If you are searching for a job only the areas where jobs are currently posted will be listed.
I can't find my profile/job listing, where did it go?
To find your profile/job listing, simply click on ‘listings’ and you will see your most recent listings.
Can I upload more than one picture?
Users are only able to upload one picture at a time. Ensure the photo you chose is clear and relevant to maximize effectiveness.
What happens if I don’t find anyone for my position?
Our main priority is for you to find someone to suit your needs, however we cannot guarantee success in the recruitment process. We are committed to assisting you with your search so if you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us.
How do I cancel my current subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime. If you have time remaining before the end of the billing period, your account will have all the features of an upgraded account until then. You can re enable your subscription in the future if the need returns.