Summer Daycare Activities for Kids

April 28, 2014

Summer is the perfect time to get kids active and outdoors. Here are some ideas for keeping kids busy during those hot summer months:

Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt for kids to complete using any number of themes from nature to summer-themes items, or even following clues to find hidden items you’ve left for them.

Tie-Dye: Have each kid bring in a plain white shirt, scarf, or other article of clothing and set up a tie-dye station outside. Set up a clothes line to display each item as they dry in the sun.

Backyard Beach Party: Set up a kiddie pool, sandbox, beach towels and a picnic lunch and have a beach party without organizing an outing at a crowded beach.

DIY Hot Air Balloon: Fill balloons with helium and have each kid write a secret message, favorite memory, or goal for the next school year, tie it to the balloon, and send it off into the sky.

Lawn Twister: Create a new twist to an old classic by using spray paint to set up an outdoor Twister board on the grass. (It does not harm the grass and grows out in about two weeks)

Plant a Fruit/Veggie Garden: Teach kids where food comes from by having them plant fruit and veggies and caring for them over the summer. They can watch them grow and learn about nutrition.