Promoting Your Child Care on Facebook

April 2, 2014

Facebook is an excellent way to help promote your business, and gain new clients. Here are some suggestions for ways to help get your business on the radar:

Promote upcoming events - If you have a barbeque, bottle drive, fundraiser, etc coming up that is open to the public, you can create an event on Facebook and invite people to the event page, or you can simply write a post with the event details, and invite your friends to ““share”” the post, which will help you reach more people than just your contacts.

Make “liking” your page easy - Add your Facebook URL to the bottom of newsletters, posters, and emails to help spread the word about your Facebook page. Not everyone may know that your business has a page so this will let them know that you have one, and how to find you.

Avoid posting complaints - Keep it light and focus on the positive. If you feel the need to mention any misfortunes, add a positive spin by focusing on the fact that the problem is now resolved and business is back to normal.

Respond to comments - It may be a simple mistake, but depending on the individual and the comment, ignoring a comment could have a negative effect for your business. Ensure all comments are seen as equally important, and giving the individual a timely response shows that you care about their thoughts/opinions, and may even cause them to recommend you to others. If the comment is negative, sometimes replying with a private message is more appropriate to avoid a potential blowout on your homepage. Just remember to publicly reply to their comment so others know you are not ignoring the negative comments.