Welcome to Child Care Advantage

Canada and US's only online service dedicated entirely to facilitating childcare related employment.

Child Care Advantage links child care centres, day camps and residential camps with qualified childcare professionals. Our goal is to provide a recruitment service that is fast, effective, and economical. We want to ensure that openings in childcare centres and camps are filled by qualified, experienced and enthusiastic individuals, as quickly as possible. We aim to make your recruitment process easier, so you can focus entirely on your first priority: providing quality child care.

With Child Care Advantage, employers can search for, screen, interview, and hire all staff themselves. Staff have the flexibility to accept or pass on any job whenever they wish. Both employers and staff completely control their own employment decisions. For further details, please review our Terms of Use.

We understand that traditional recruitment means such as classified ads can be expensive, and so we have kept our rates very low to ensure that all childcare providers can benefit from our efficient staffing services.  

Our staff is trained in the fields of Early Childhood Education and Human Resources management. 

If you have any questions about our service please feel free to contact us.

Who is CareGuide?

CareGuide is a family of online services and our mission is simple: pair families and individuals with great providers. Our focus being on both the care and service industries.

CareGuide is an umbrella brand overseeing and operating 28 subbrands along with ChildCareAdvantage.ca, CareProvider.com and HeartPayroll.com. However each brand, such as ChildCareAdvantage.com, behaves as it’s own unique independent website.

With thousands of user profiles, you’ll be able to find the best care provider for you, in your area, in just about any industry. We’re committed to providing excellent care services for everyone.

Still have questions? View our FAQ page.